Question: What does the Bible say about medical treatments like blood transfusions and organ transplants? Is it wrong to take part in these things even if it will save your life? Read Leviticus 17:10-14 and Acts 15:19-20. Brian Hayton: Since the Bible doesn’t directly address either of these issues we will address them from a practical point of view. There are several passages of scripture in Leviticus that many people who are against blood transfusions use to support there stance on this issue but it is a fine line. It seems that many of the scriptures are being used out of context simply to support their view point. I do not feel that the use of blood transfusions or organ transplants would be wrong. There are many that would tell you that these represent a lack of healing faith in our lives. We place a lot of emphasis on the miraculous healings but fail to adequately praise the medical ones. God can certainly heal you if he chooses but I also believe that God chooses to heal many through medical treatments. I don’t believe that seeing a physician or having a transfusion or a transplant would in any way signify that we have a lack of faith. If anything, I think that God expects us to take care of the temple, the body. God has blessed men and women with the wonderful ability to diagnose, and treat through the use of modern medicine. Everyday of life is a gift of God. Use it to glorify him. Question: Why did God require Jesus’ sacrifice? If he is omnipotent (has unlimited power), then he could have removed this requirement. If he cant be in the presence of sin, he could remove it. Read Hebrews 9:11-15 Brian Hayton: God in his omnipotence could have removed this requirement, but why would he? In Leviticus God sets the standards for the blood sacrifice and the atonement for sins. The sacrifice, was to be without blemish when it was brought before God, in other words, it was supposed to be the best. The atonement of sins took place once a year but under the dispensation of law it only moved those sins ahead. This was one of the underlying reasons that the day of atonement took place every year. From the beginning, the plan has always been a blood sacrifice that required the best. The sacrifice of Jesus, was the absolute best that could have ever been offered. He was without blemish. I also feel that he was the perfect representation of a sacrifice. The sacrifice of His only Son allows us to see just how far God is willing to go for his people. I believe this is the very reason that God did not remove this requirement. ]]>