Matthew 23:25 I’m not a housekeeper. I don’t get much of a kick out of scrubbing the baseboards or dusting the fan. In my opinion, a house is a tool you use for living in… not an art piece for showing off. On the other hand you have people like my wife. She loves inviting people over and polishing the house to perfection. So, against my true nature, I find myself with scrub brush in hand. But here’s my secret I will reveal for the sake of devotional content; Pine-Sol. Original scent Pine-Sol to be specific. That stuff packs an odor which shrouds any mess with the illusion of cleanliness. If someone walks through the front door and is immediately met with the fragrance of pine scent, they don’t even notice the un-dusted cobwebs in the corner and bicycle tread marks on the carpet (don’t ask). Try it. Pine-Sol is a goldmine of home-ec hypocrisy. Sadly, though, we use the same trickery with our inner selves. We work harder to maintain an image of who we want to be more than we actually work to become that person. We spend a lot of energy trying to appear to have it all together when God really just wants us to acknowledge our faults and deal with them. Spend some time today to think about your true self. Where are you spending energy trying to cover up who you really are? Pray for God to help you reveal your true self to Him and others. ———————————————————– This week’s Crosstraining comes from Southland Christian Church in Lexington, KY. Go to for more about Southland Church]]>