Matthew 16:23 Have you ever watched the  show on the History Channel or read the book called How the States Got Their Shape?  Even if you’re not a geography buff or history fanatic, it’s still a fascinating watch  They discuss how historical events, land features, and battles created the United States as we know it today.  Whether the boundaries are created by physical features or key purchases in American history, we see the importance of boundaries plays in the makeup of our nation.  Just as physical boundaries are important for trade, the movement of people, and separating groups of people, setting boundaries is also vital in the relationships we all have. Setting healthy boundaries is important in every relationship.  It’s a conscious decision to decide that you won’t let someone treat you poorly and to not do things you feel you shouldn’t when situations arise that test you.  When you set firm, healthy boundaries ahead of time, you don’t find yourself in situations where you’ve crossed lines and are attempting to correct the mistakes you’ve made. Identify an area of your life where you need to create some boundaries.  Do you need to delete an ex from your Facebook page?  Or quit having lunch with that female coworker?  How can you set healthy boundaries in your life?]]>