Read: John 15:6-11

Yesterday, we established that we are in great need to depend on Christ alone and not in our own effort. But the question for us becomes, what happens when we abide and depend on Him? Each of us should desire to live meaningful, significant, and God glorifying lives in our time here on earth. But what if the only way to actually see that be true of us is through depending on Christ with everything we are? Jesus is teaching us today that if we want to see God glorified in our lives, it comes through learning to abide. Why is that? Well, the only way to bear true fruit is through Him. We are busy at times, even with good things, thinking we are making an eternal impact. Today, we should actually slow down and examine our hearts. Are we bearing eternal fruit through being completely dependent on Christ? Or, are we walking in our own strength, living busy lives, only proving to be empty at the end of the day? Draw close to Christ today. He wants you to depend on Him alone for your strength.

Questions for Personal Prayer
Read Galatians 5:19-26. Which list do you see evident in your own life? How does prayer help us to bear fruit by the Spirit?

Corporate Prayer
Take time to pray for the following needs:
Guidance and wisdom for Pastors, Leaders and Elders at C3
Godly leadership to continue to develop in every ministry area