Read: Matthew 6:12

Think about one of your closest relationships in your life. Spouses, siblings, friends, or family members may come to mind. When we love someone deeply, nothing is more uncomfortable for us than when something is hindering our relationship. When you love someone, you want fellowship restored immediately. When Jesus teaches us to pray for our debts to be forgiven, He is not  communicating that we need to be saved again each day. When we trust in Christ, we are forgiven once and for all. Instead, Jesus is teaching us to bring our sin before God that is causing our relationship with Him to be hindered. We may have a tendency to try and cover or hide our sin from God, as if He is unaware. As much as we may try and hide, unconfessed sin causes a hindrance between us and the Lord. Do you want the good news? You are never asked to hide your sin or even make up for your sin. Instead, God invites us to bring it to Him and see fellowship with Him restored. Today, do not run from your failures. Instead, bring them to the Lord and receive His grace that is always waiting on you.

Questions for Personal Prayer
What unrepentant sin may be hindering your relationship with Jesus right now? Is there any unforgiveness in your heart that you may need to reconcile with someone?

Corporate Prayer 

Take time to pray for the following needs:   

45,000 people in our county that are far from God and live without purpose

That God would make us a people who take the Gospel to others with urgency