Read: Matthew 7:7-11

Children learn how to ask for things expectantly. Think about a child asking Santa for something at Christmas time. Not quite understanding Santa’s real world limitations, children will ask for things, big and small, un-phased by how much it may cost Santa to pull it off. When the truth comes out later in life, kids will look back and laugh at the level of expectation they carried. Expectation in prayer is good, necessary, and commended to us by Jesus. Like a child who is fully confident in the wish list, children of God are called to be expectant of their Father. Before we begin to think we can just revert back to our childhood asking, we must remember that as we grow in Christlikeness, our hearts will grow more in tune with God’s purposes. Do you feel impressed by God to pray for something that may seem impossible? Pray expectantly. Anchor your soul to what Jesus teaches us today: God is a good Father who knows how to give perfect gifts to His children. Come expectantly to Him today.

Questions for Personal Prayer
What doubts or fears keep you from praying with faith and expectancy? What would it look like for you to pray with expectation for God to answer your prayers?

Corporate Prayer
Leaders and serve team members of C3’s Welcome team
For our church to be marked by their hospitality towards others and those far from God
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