Read: Psalm 100

Nearing the end of this intentional season of prayer, by this point, we have seen God be so kind, good, and merciful towards us. He has answered prayers, restored joy, and given us hope beyond anything the world could offer. He has been greater to us than we could ever possibly deserve. What is a proper response to such amazing grace? What should a church ending a season of intentional prayer be known for? Grateful hearts. Psalm 100 is a response from a people who have seen that the Lord is good. In a world that is always looking towards the “next thing,” do not miss out on what God is doing here and now. Stop, worship, and give thanks to the God who has been so gracious towards you. Rejoice today in the goodness and tender mercy of our God.

Questions for Personal Prayer
What are some things that you are grateful for and can thank God for today? How does thanksgiving help us remember God and realign our minds and hearts on Him?

Corporate Prayer
For the people in our church to continue to grow in holiness
Spiritual growth of our kids, students, adults, and ministry leaders