Day 10 | Read: Psalms 100

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am passionate about football. It is easy to talk about what you are passionate about, right? I love talking with other coaches and players about the game. God created us to be passionate about what we love; therefore, we should always be passionate for Him!

Last night during the Ohio State game, no one had to teach me or my family on how to cheer by saying, “Trent let me instruct you here. It’s okay to clap if the Buckeyes make a good play (even though I wish there was more lol), and you can shout and get excited. And this may really surprise you, but you can raise your hands if your team scores a touchdown.”

There is one undeniable truth about true fans: they are passionate. Just watch any professional or college football game or any World Cup soccer match (as much as I hate to admit it). As the cameras pan the crowd, you will see passion. The fans have pompoms. They are wearing team colors. They are screaming. They may even be singing. They are just straight up into it. You know what it’s like in the stadium – loud! The place rocks with passion, because real fans are passionate about their team.

Reflect and Journal: Whatever you are passionate about, you will also be emotional about. This 21 day challenge is about igniting a deeper passion for God in your heart. Put on a worship song! Lift your hands, open your hands, open your mouth, tap your feet. Ask God to ignite passion in you, to help you feel Him and express your feelings.

Prayer: Take time to pray for the following needs:

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