Read: Luke 18:1-8

There are certain things in the Christian life that are really difficult to understand. To say we understand everything completely is laughable. Luke 18:1-8 may be one of those things for us. Through this parable, Jesus is inviting us to be people who are persistent in prayer. Many of us may think, “God, why not just answer my prayer the first time?” Or, “God, how long should I continue to pray for that certain thing until I give up?” As much sense as those questions make to us in our limited understanding, Jesus’ answer to us is to simply persist. In fact, the parable in Luke 18 shows us that we “ought always to pray and not lose heart.” Have you been praying for your wayward child for years? Never give up. Have you been praying for a deep need for what seems like ages? Jesus invites you to persist. What joy it is to know that God never gets bored of hearing from you. What an invitation we have from a God who is much wiser than we could imagine.

Questions for Personal Prayer
What typically discourages or keeps you from persisting in prayer? How does persistence in prayer grow our faith in the sovereignty and faithfulness of God?

Corporate Prayer
For the future of C3 and what’s next
Godly leaders to be developed throughout our church