Read: Matthew 6:11

When we think about the idea of provision, we are quick to think of financial or physical provision. A promotion at work that brings a pay increase, the new house we hoped for, or the new car that is drastically better than our old one. When we see these things, we know that we have been provided for. This is good to recognize, but provision extends past more than just the material. God is the giver, sustainer, and provider of every single thing that makes up who we are as humans. In our affluent society, we may not feel like we need much at times. Deep down though, if we are honest, there are parts of us that are broken. Maybe not financially, but maybe emotionally. Maybe spiritually we are in a dry point of life and are wondering how to find our way back. Today, no matter where you find yourself, God is your provider. Whatever needs you may have, no matter what the form, God invites you to bring those requests to Him. He actually desires that from you. He is not tired, nor will He ever be, of providing for you. In fact, your dependence on His provision is the way you are designed to live.

Questions for Personal Prayer
What fears or anxieties keep you from trusting in the Lord’s provision? How can you be more intentional about being in the Word every day?

Corporate Prayer
Take time to pray for the following needs:
Passion to know Jesus through His Word
Make us a church that is desperate and dependent on God