Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-7

Anytime my wife and I go on a trip, the first thing she does is google interesting places to eat or to see if Food Network’s Diner’s, Dine-in’s, and Dives have visited a restaurant in the area. She views vacations as an excuse to eat well and find places to go that we don’t have here in the tri-state. She will often ask other people who have been to places we are traveling to if they have any food or restaurant recommendations, because, even though she is always up for trying something new, she wants to make sure she is going somewhere with good quality by relying on the recommendations of those who have been there before.

The same is true in our relationship with God.  In the Bible, Naaman didn’t have much to lose when he chose to listen to the little servant girl. Worst case scenario, he’d go home and die of Leprosy, but he opted instead to listen to someone who had witnessed the miracles of Elisha firsthand. When it comes to things in our lives that provide temptation or trials, we must listen to those who have been in our shoes before. For marriage advice, talking to your single friends or listening to Oprah may not be the greatest idea. Talking to your ridiculously skinny friend about your eating habits may not be helpful either if you’re overweight. Find people who have been in your shoes and seek out the knowledge they gained through their experiences.

What’s an area of your life where you could provide advice for someone who is struggling? Think about the challenges you’ve faced, and consider using your experiences to help others.]]>