Read Nehemiah 3:13-21 Not only did everyone pitch in to do their part in rebuilding the wall, all the people were from all different occupations and walks of life. There were priests, goldsmiths, government rulers, nobles, and ever paupers involved in rebuilding the wall. Each brought different skills to the table and did work of varying difficulties, but they all stepped up to help complete the project. We all bring different things to the table. We’re all different and come from different places. But, it doesn’t matter how different we are, God wants to use every one of us to do incredible things in the world around us. It doesn’t matter what skills you have or what your past is. God wants to use you to change your world. Action Step: If you haven’t picked out your 2-5 people you’d like to invite to East at C3 this year, do that today. Begin praying for them and asking God to being moving in their life. Today’s Prayer: Pray that God will begin to show you how He wants you to change your world. Also, pray that God will continue to position and lead C3 in a way that allows Him to use us to change our community.]]>