Read Nehemiah 11:22-30 At the dedication of the city walls, all the people gathered around and celebrated the work they had done. It wasn’t easy. They had to work very hard for long hours, there was the constant threat of opposition, and much more. But, the people of Jerusalem didn’t give up. They completed the rebuilding process, and, when they were done, they celebrated. Too many times in our lives, we get so busy working toward some goal, that we forget sometimes to slow down and take a minute to celebrate all the good things that God has done in our lives. We become so obsessed with more or the next big thing that we forget to enjoy what God has given us now. Action Step: Make a list of things that you can celebrate today. It might be family, relationships, health, your work, something great God is doing in your life, or anything else. Even if you have had tough circumstances recently, make a list of the good things God has put in your life to celebrate. Today’s Prayer: Celebrate and thank God for the things He has put in your life. Thank Him for allowing you to accomplish the things that you’ve been able to accomplish. If you struggled coming up with a list of things to celebrate, ask God to show you the things you can celebrate in your life today.]]>