2 Corinthians 8:9 & Luke 2:1-21 (The Christmas Story) I’ve always loved Christmas. I think it’s an awesome day because it’s unlike any other. We typically put aside all the different things that always take up so much of our time and attention, and we focus on family, friends, and maybe also some presents and food! What makes Christmas so remarkable, though, isn’t just what we do, it’s what we are celebrating. We get together with loved ones (and the other people we put up with) to share food, share presents, and share life with each other in honor of the one who has given us life. It was truly a beautiful thing when the baby Jesus was born on that first Christmas morning. Jesus is fully God. He’s the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, but He chose to be born into a poor, ordinary family in an unremarkable place. He chose to live the life of a servant. He chose, as a completely innocent man, to be mocked, shamed, beaten, and put to death to take away the punishment for our sins. Jesus chose to sacrifice for us, so that we could have both abundant life in this world and eternal life when we die. He became one of us, facing the same challenges and temptations that we face, so He could give us the greatest gift of all…a relationship with Him. This Christmas, enjoy your family, friends, food, and gifts. Have a great time, but remember to give thanks to the one who has given it all to you.]]>