Matthew 11:28-30 As a big Ohio State fan, one of my favorite nights was about a decade ago when I sat with a group of my friends and watched Ohio State win the National Championship in football. I’ll never forget the hopelessness, though, when it was fourth down, an incomplete pass, end of the game, and all hope for an Ohio State championship There is hope for the hopeless Ohio state national championship game 2002, it was fourth down, incomplete pass, all hope for a championship for ohio state was gone. then the penalty flag came, ohio state got a second chance, and went on to win. Most people are broken, hurting and really don’t have much hope for the future.  This would be a good time to elaborate on how people are hurting personally, marriages, financial, etc.  but there is hope in what Christ has done for us. READ THROUGH THE NEW TESTAMENT Today’s Reading: Hebrews 7]]>