Isaiah 53:1-12 Today is good Friday, the Friday before Easter Sunday. The Friday we remember on Good Friday seemed the opposite of Good at the time. In fact, it seemed like the darkest of all days. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, who came to Earth as fully God and fully man was mocked, ridiculed, beaten, and put to death. Jesus was completely innocent, but He was hung on a cross. He was put to death like a common criminal. People believed he came to save them, but, at that moment, it appeared Jesus couldn’t even save Himself. His followers were hurt, confused, and without hope. Had Good Friday been the end of the story, there would be no Christianity because there would be no Christ to celebrate. However, Jesus didn’t stay dead and buried, he rose again, resurrected, and He came back to life. He defeated death and hell. His death was a sacrifice for our sins, the sins of mankind, for your sin. It’s because of what He did for us that we have life, that we have hope. Even when things look the darkest, God is working to make something beautiful out of it. This Sunday, we’ll celebrate the reason we have hope, the reason we have life…what Jesus did for us on the Cross. READ THROUGH THE NEW TESTAMENT Today’s Reading: Hebrews 11]]>