Matthew 6:1-6. Secrecy has a bad name. Secrets are associated with hiding sin, covering emotional wounds, or concealing mistakes. Even children know “secrets don’t make friends.” Jesus reminds us in Matthew that even secrecy can be redeemed and used for good. He encourages believers to give, pray and fast in secret. Jesus knew our motivations are revealed by who we believe is watching. A religious reputation is built in public, but obedient intimacy with God is developed behind closed doors. We don’t act in secret because we are ashamed of our faith. We do these things in secret because we want to act out of pure motives. We may never gain acclaim from the people around us, but we will know that we have pleased our Father in heaven. The eyes of the Lord will not overlook us. We can be certain of what Jesus tells us three times, “Your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.”]]>