Read: 1 Corinthians 3:5-15

In this technological age, we’re always dreaming of the gadget that can do everything. Think iPad or iPhone. The church is God’s one thing. And it accomplishes everything in God’s redemptive plan. It is his glory-making machine. Too many people think the church is a place we go, rather than a life we live. Our physical church meetings once a week are so believers may live as the church every day of the week. In 1 Timothy 3:15, the church is called God’s household. God’s desire for the church, His holy family, is to reflect, magnify and reproduce the glory of Christ. When we gather on Sundays, we’re assembling to perform God’s unique purpose in the world. Our churches and our leaders help us see how our God-given gifts, resources, personalities and life circumstances are to be put to work loving, admonishing, teaching and encouraging. There isn’t a family anywhere that doesn’t have its challenges, but those relationships are how our individual faith grows into a fruitful tree of blessing that can feed the world the grace of Christ.]]>