John 20 & 21:1-25 The account given of Jesus in John’s gospel is amazing, unbelievable, and the greatest thing anyone has every heard. Throughout the book of John we see the persistent love of Jesus. A focus on the last two chapters reveals another layer of the grace, authority and power of Jesus. Even a hasty reading of any of the gospel accounts gives the impression that Peter is not the most dependable disciple. Like a mighty homerun hitter, Peter gives every pitch the biggest swing he has. Before Jesus’ death on the cross Peter struck out, denying he even knew Jesus. We attribute this failure to cowardliness, or maybe even stupidity – maybe that crusty old fisherman never belonged with Jesus anyway. In John 21:15 we see the truth of Peter’s failure. Jesus greets Peter – what a surreal reunion that must have been. Jesus doesn’t rebuke Peter for being a coward or chastise him for being a fool. Jesus questions Peter’s love because that’s what failed Jesus. Peter’s denial and retreat was not cowardliness, it was loveless. That’s more painful than being a coward. John tells us as much (21:17). When we focus on our fear and failure evil has already won. This is why Jesus asks us the opposite. “Do you love me?” Jesus wants our love and He died so we could give it. Jesus conquered death and charges us to follow Him. He tells us to nurture His children and help them grow. Feed them and guide them and worry little about yourself. This isn’t the job description of a pastor. This is the command of love to all followers of Jesus. Follow Jesus well. Follow Jesus in love.


Thank you Jesus for never failing. Thank you that Your perfection covers our doubt, fears and failures. Thank you Jesus for Your amazing grace.]]>