Read Hebrews 11:7

I didn’t really grow up in church as a child, so I never really knew the whole story about Noah and the ark growing up. I would hear about it from time to time, and it always just had something to do with a family and pairs of every animal on a giant boat. It always sounded to me like a giant floating petting zoo.

We always want to focus on the animals in the story of Noah and the Ark, but, what we don’t focus on as much, is the incredible obedience Noah displayed in building the ark. Noah spend years building a giant boat during a time when people didn’t even know what rain was. It made no sense whatsoever for a man to build a giant boat on land like Noah did.

But, despite God’s instructions not making sense to Noah at the time, he was obedient to God’s instructions anyway, and God blessed him for it. True faith is being obedient to God even when it doesn’t really make sense.

What has God asked you to do that you’ve been avoiding because it just doesn’t make sense?


Today’s Reading: Romans 2]]>