Matthew 25:14-30. Have you ever caught yourself waiting at a traffic light, playing with the radio? Or caught yourself perusing the headlines on magazine racks as you wait in line at the grocery store? Isn’t it funny how we always find something to do while we wait? Well, that is except when it’s God we’re waiting on. It seems during those seasons when we wait for God to move, it’s easier to grow bitter or self-absorbed and throw pity parties rather than find something productive to do with the time we have. In Matthew 25, Jesus tells a story of a servant who was not a good steward of the time he was given. The third servant in this parable was given one talent to keep while his master was gone. Jesus points out that his master was gone a long time, so this servant had plenty of time to use the talent he’d been given. However, he chose to just hold onto it—to do nothing productive with it. The other two servants, on the other hand, put their talents to good use. The master was pleased with these servants because they had used the time he was away to accomplish something. He calls them, “Good and faithful servants.” However, he calls the third servant “worthless” because he squandered the time he had waiting for his master’s return. As you enter this new year and find yourself waiting for your Master to reveal your next steps, ask yourself what are you accomplishing in the meantime. Are you doing things that draw you closer to God? Are you serving? Are you growing in your faith? If we can use this season of waiting productively, it will end with our Father calling us His “good and faithful servants.” ]]>