Read: Nehemiah 5:14-15 While prayer was a huge part of Nehemiah’s life, he had several character traits that made him the wise and disciplined leader that he was. The writer of Proverbs says: “Respect and obey the LORD! This is the beginning of wisdom” (9.10a). During Nehemiah’s tenure as governor, he had various food, wine, and monetary entitlements which certainly would have made his life easier. He chose, however, to forgo those perks as long as he was governor because he respected God and didn’t think it was fair to become a burden to the people. Nehemiah’s decision, no doubt, made an impression on the people. No governor prior to him had given up their food or wine allowance. Yet, it was not about making an impression; it was about doing what was wise and just. Nehemiah’s wisdom came from his respect for God. It was the linchpin of his faith; a faith that held up in the most trying circumstances. The food, wine, and money allotted to the governors were entitlements. In what ways can personal entitlements get in the way of acting judiciously? Are there “perks” you receive that you can use to benefit others?]]>