Joel & Michelle found themselves in a spot where they weren’t as close to God and weren’t as involved as they once were. To them, getting invited to be a part of a small group Bible study was just what they needed to kickstart their spiritual growth.

Groups help you grow.

Most people want to grow closer to God, but they don’t know what steps to take. Being a part of a small group Bible study will help you grow in your relationship with God by helping you build Godly friendships and learn about the Bible.

You need a group, and a group needs you.

Small groups aren’t just something we do at C3, they are core to who we are as a church. Not only is it important for your spiritual growth to be involved in a small group, but we also need people just like you to connect with people in our groups. You need a small group, but there’s a group out there that needs you, too.

Plus, groups are fun! At groups you get to bring your family to hang out with friends, meet new people, and, typically, eat great food, while talking about life and Jesus.


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