James 5:16 & 1 John 1:9 When I was a young kid, I used to terrorize my poor younger sister. Not only was I relentless is beating her in everything from sports to board games, I would even cheat to make sure I would beat her. I’d even make up games she wasn’t even playing in just to say I won. I would also do things I know would get me in trouble and try to pin on her. Eventually, my parents realized that I was blaming her for things I was doing. I soon learned that fessing up to what I did was a better option than trying to blame it on her because trying to pin the offense on my sister always led to a stiffer punishment. None of us are taught to try to blame other people and other things for our mistakes. We start doing it naturally as soon as we start messing up. But, if we want to move beyond our screw ups, we have to learn to acknowledge our mistakes. We have to fess up to what we’ve done if we want to begin to get past it.

God knows us, and He knows when we mess up. When we try to blame others or even Him when we slip up, we are getting in our own way. When we could be moving on from our past, we keep ourselves stuck in it by not acknowledging it. Do you struggle with blaming others for your mistakes instead of acknowledging that you’ve messed up?