Psalm 31:23-24 History is filled with people who have failed with things over and over in their life. Most of those people gave up and lived on as a failure. Some of those people, though, kept with it. From the Wright brothers who were the first in flight to Thomas Edison who created the light bulb and even Steve Jobs with Apple, these people failed over and over. But, they stuck with it, applied themselves to the situation, and ended up succeeding beyond anyone else’s expectations. When we mess up and make mistakes in our lives, we should learn to acknowledge our mistakes and accept the consequences, but, we don’t need to accept that we’ve failed. When we’ve slipped up, learn to get up, shake yourself off, and apply yourself to the situation. God forgives us for our mistakes, so we need to learn to not allow them to define us. React to your situation the same way God would, with grace and mercy. Do you struggle with giving up when you slip up? Learn to give your mistakes over to God and apply yourself in those situations.]]>