Matthew 6:19-21 Have you ever dreamed about winning the lottery…one of those $100 million jackpots? I’m sure we all have. Heck, most of us would even be thrilled with just a raise of a few thousand dollars a year extra. We think of all the things we could do with that much more money. We always want more. Always focusing on wanting more of what we don’t have leads us to becoming unthankful for what God has already given us or even will give us in the future. Instead of enjoying the things we do have in life as they come, we can becoming miserable because we so badly want more. Having things or even wanting things isn’t inherently bad, but the unthankful mindset of always wanting more can lead us far away from the life that God wants us to have. God has a plan and purpose for your life, and your relationship with God and the purpose He has for your life can easily be derailed when you focus your time and energy on getting more stuff instead of living a life that matters.]]>