Philippians 4:11-13 When I was in high school, I loved sports and worked really hard at them. The highest goal in my  life at that point was to help my team win a conference championship. But, it didn’t matter what my dreams were or how hard I worked, nothing seemed to work, and I graduated without ever winning. I didn’t understand why things never worked out the way I had planned. While high school sports aren’t the biggest deal in the world (well, they shouldn’t be), this taught me a valuable life lesson. Things rarely happen in life how we plan. Most times, things won’t work out great. I also learned that it is how you react in those situations that determine what type of person you are. We all have heard of Moses and Paul in the Bible because of all the great things they did, but the two couldn’t be more different when it came to handling tough times.  While Moses begged God to let him quit, Paul wrote a letter to encourage others as he kept pushing along.  Like Paul, we all have something we wish was different in our lives, and we often don’t understand why we have to go through things that are tough or uncomfortable. We all have a “what” and don’t understand the “why.”  The real measure of our success is how we react in those times when things just don’t make sense. What’s your what? How are you handling it?]]>