Romans 8:28,35-39 During a High School anatomy class, my teacher asked a simple question, “What if we no longer had pain in the world?”  If God gave us a choice to have a pain-free world, we’d all probably jump at the opportunity. However, she reminded us that pain typically has a greater purpose.  Pain can teach us right from wrong, show us love and sacrifice, and flat out show us who’s boss when we make a dumb decision.  She reminded us that pain serves a greater purpose. God always has a “why” behind the “what.”  He always has a purpose behind allowing us to go through those things we wish we could avoid.  Even though it’s difficult to remember this in our misery, God always has a purpose for the pain we endure—and often a greater purpose than we can imagine. Always remember that God never wastes a hurt and his ways are higher than our ways.  God is working in all things to bring about good in your life.]]>