Philippians 1:12-13 I’ll never forget basketball tryouts when I was in seventh grade. The coaches words on the first day still haunt me. He said, “We’re not even going to touch a basketball for the next three days.” He was right…all we did was run. It didn’t make sense to me to have a basketball practice without a ball. I thought he just wanted to make sure we were all in shape. I later figured out that he wanted to see who would quit. He knew that the players who didn’t quit would be ready to be successful on the court. There will be times in your life (maybe right now!) where it seems like the pain is never going to end.  Maybe there is so much uncertainty in your life, you don’t know where to turn. We often find ourselves in situations where we just want to quit. We don’t want to deal with all of it anymore. But, when you start wanting to quit, don’t. Because, when you are ready to quit, it usually means that God is about to do something great through your life. When you want to quit ask God, “Now What?” Ask Him what He wants you to do or what He wants to do through the tough situation you are going through.]]>