Philippians 1:15-18 One Christmas when I was a kid, there was a toy that I wanted so bad. I put it on every Christmas list I made. I told Santa when he made an inexplicable trip to the Ashland mall. I even circled it in the JC Penny Christmas catalog. I was so excited on Christmas morning as I tore through every bag and box. I couldn’t wait to get that toy! I thought it was a prank because I didn’t get the toy. It was nowhere to found. I was so upset. I was mad at my mom, my dad, and, most of all, Santa. As they say I did frequently as a kid, I threw a fit. I thought it was the end of the world because I didn’t get that toy Funny thing, I couldn’t tell you what that toy was now if my life depended on it. We all reach moments in life where things bother us, but it’s important to reach a point where we say, “So what?!  What does it really matter?”  Will it matter 100 years from now?  Will it matter 10 years from now?  Will it even matter a day from now? What’s bothering you in your life right now?  Will it matter months from now?  What truly matters in your life?]]>