Matthew 6:32-33 Have you ever had something you’ve done or were looking for that you were super excited for that, when you shared it with someone else, they weren’t nearly as impressed or as excited for it? It can be frustrating when they don’t share your excitement for something. Usually, those situations just go to show that our priorities are simply different than the other person. No one is right or wrong, there’s just different values at play. Sure, they could at least act like they are excited with you, but it’s nothing more than differing priorities. Sometimes I wonder if God has a similar feeling of disappointment when our priorities are so different from His. There’s things that He’s excited for us to experience in our life. Things that are a priority for Him for us to live out, but we don’t share His excitement. While His priority is for His kingdom and our good, our priorities lie somewhere else and are often more selfish and unhealthy. God has certain priorities for us in our life. When we’ve committed our life to Him, His priority for us is to take our next step and be baptized. His priority then is for us to get plugged in with other believers and begin serving in the church and those around us. Whatever God’s priority for our next step is, it’s what’s best for us. If your priority is different than His for your life, maybe it’s time to reexamine your priorities. // TWO-A-DAYS // GO A LITTLE FARTHER WITH YOUR DAILY DEVOTIONS // Go through these questions with your spouse, kids, or friend, or you can even journal about the answers to these questions:

  1. What was the best part of your day?
  2. What was the toughest part of your day?
  3. Where did you mess up today?
  4. Where did you see God today?
Reflect: Have you ever had a time in your life when your priorities differed greatly from God’s priorities. What was the fallout from that? Pray: Spend time in prayer today talking to Him about what His priorities are for His life. Ask Him to help you line up your life with His priorities. READ THROUGH THE NEW TESTAMENT: Today’s Reading: Romans 2]]>