Romans 3:10-18. Have you ever experienced a good deed? Maybe you helped someone financially. Or, someone else helped you. Maybe someone lent you their iPod. Maybe you gave another the coat off your back. Often when someone asks why we would do something so kind, we say something like, “I’m a Christian,” or “This is just what Christians do.” We are called to love and serve others, but it’s dangerous to believe that what makes someone a Christian is the number of good deeds they perform each day. There is nothing wrong with performing good deeds, but for our deeds to be justified they must come from a changed heart constantly being searched and cleaned by Jesus Christ. The point of following Jesus is not to be a good person. The goal of following Jesus is to experience daily heart change and to continually become more like Him until you meet Him face to face. This process of ongoing change is called sanctification. The Bible tells us in Romans 3 that no one seeks after God, and no one does good. All of our attempts at righteousness are in vain unless they are the byproduct of following Jesus and experiencing heart change. We experience sanctification when begin to pray as David did in Psalm 139. When we ask God to search our hearts, He will remove our offensive ways and show us how to live like Jesus. Jesus lived to glorify His Father. Our job is to glorify Jesus by allowing our hearts to submit daily to His plan. Ask the Lord to search your heart daily as you seek not to be good, but to be like Jesus.]]>