Read: John 4:10-15, 25-26

The second element is to “equip people with the gospel”  God’s dream and desire for all of us from the very beginning is for us to live in perfect relationship with Him and with each other. There were people in the Samaritan woman’s life that claimed to love her, but only used her; because of that AND because of the choices she made, the dream God had for her life was shattered!

And there are people all around us like her (maybe that’s even you) – living life in situations far less than what God ever dreamed. Some because of their choices AND some because of unjust people who should have loved them: This might be that person you pass who’s living on the street or who struggles with an addiction and has yet to hit bottom.  But, it might also be the person who looks like they have it all together yet they are empty and not living the life God created them for.  Anytime you see someone living their life in a condition or circumstances that is less than God dreamed, know this – Jesus wants to equip them with the Gospel to live God’s dream for their life. Our mission is to equip them. A life that has hope and purpose has to include Jesus.

Text the Daily: Do you feel more fulfilled or empty right now in life?

Journal Question: Are you currently living more of “Your dream” or “God’s Dream” for your life?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, help me to live a life that matters and has purpose.