Learning to hear God’s voice is key to seeing fruit in introducing people to Jesus, but it isn’t always easy. Perhaps you find it difficult to hear God’s voice? Maybe you’re unsure whether it’s really God speaking? Today’s reading is a reminder that God will always supply the right words for us in the right time. Something really important to remember is that God is at work in our conversations too! Too often we fall into the trap of believing we are alone in sharing our faith; almost as if we have to do all the work by ourselves. But the truth is, God wants the person we’re sharing with to be saved even more than we do! He has a plan for their life, and so in that moment, our job is simply to be part of His plan, to join with God in His work of seeing people know the saving power of Jesus. He knows every detail about this person, all their problems, fears and future challenges. When we allow God to steer the conversation, the prompting can come as a piece of information about someone, or it can be as simple as the right question to ask at the right time. If we are willing to pause and ask God to guide us, you never know what opportunities to share He will open up! So ask God to prompt you with what to say in every moment you’re sharing.