Read 1 Samuel 15:12-19

Have you ever known someone who was trying to hide something in their life, but it was painfully obviously to you, and to everyone else, that the problem was there that they were trying to cover up? For some reason, we think our problems, issues, and even sin in our life can be hidden. You might do a good job covering it up for a while, but, eventually, the fallout from your situation will be evident to those around you.

Saul was trying to hide his disobedience to God from Samuel, but Samuel saw right through it. God had told Saul to destroy everything in His battle, but he kept what he thought would be useful. He disobeyed God, and the sheep bleating in the background was a painfully obvious sign that Saul didn’t do what God had asked him to.

We like to say we are living for God, but we don’t do what He asks us to do. We might say we are completely surrendered to Christ, but we’ll never give generously or destroy the sins that linger in our life. We might say we love God’s church, but we aren’t using our gifts and serving the way He has asked us to. This is disobedience, and we might think we are fooling people into thinking we aren’t being disobedient, but it is painfully obvious to everyone around you that you aren’t.

More importantly, God sees that we aren’t completely surrendered to Him. What have you been holding back from God? Have you been pretending to be sold out to Christ, but haven’t really been doing all that He has called you to?