Read Psalm 147:2-6

I’ve always been about quick fixes. Whether it was throwing things in the closet when I would “clean” my room as a kid or trying to find quick ways to lose weight fast and easy as an adult, I’ve always looked for things to help me get what I want as quickly as possible. I’m even still looking for my get rich quick scheme. The problem is that quick fixes and band-aid fixes for our issues are often more harmful than helpful.

Most of us want quick fixes in our life as well. When something isn’t right, we look for band-aid answers or to resolve the issues quickly. We want things to get better, but we don’t want to do the hard work of making things better in our life. While God is truly the one that can fix everything, we look at everything else to fix us and our issues.

With God, we are either living or dying spiritually. There is no in between, and the only way we can truly live is by looking to God to lead us. Instead of dwelling on the past, we need to choose to heal through God’s power, mercy and love.

What are you looking to in your life to fix it? Start turning to God to heal.