Read Matthew 23:25-28

One of the most disgusting things in the world to me is eating off of a dirty dish. If there’s a smudge on a piece of silverware or a film on a cup, I get a little sick to my stomach. One day at my college cafeteria, I picked up a soup bowl. It looked spotless on the outside, but as I began to pour soup into the bowl, I noticed a disgusting dark green gunk on the bottom. Whoever had washed the bowl had done a great job cleaning the outside of the bowl, but they hadn’t done well at all at cleaning the inside of the bowl.

This is how many of us approach Christianity. We have learned how to make everyone else think that we are doing alright in our life. We have learned how to play the part of following Jesus, so that everyone thinks we are the people we are supposed to be. We look great on the outside, but, in reality, we are a mess on the inside. Our hearts aren’t in the right place. We lead people around us to do the same thing. We don’t care about who people are on the inside. We only care about what they are like on the outside.

Legalistic Christianity doesn’t work. Rules without relationship always leads to rebellion. Many end up falling away from Christ because everyone is so focused on why we are bad instead of developing a relationship with God.

Are you good at playing the part? How can you start cultivating your inward relationship with Christ?