Read Matthew 25:34-39

One of my favorite movies ever is the movie Elf. I love when Buddy the Elf is trying to find a job he is good at in Santa’s workshop. In one scene, Buddy is testing jack in a boxes. He would crank the handle over and over while the box would play the familiar jack in a box tune. Each time he would cringe because he had no clue when the jack was going to pop out of the box. It scared him every time because it caught him off guard.

Many times, life can feel like a jack in a box. We work and work, but we have no clue when all of our effort is going to pay off. It can be frustrating at times, and we may want to give up, but God has created us to be relentless. He wants us to be consistent is sharing God’s love and serving those around us. He wants us to be faithful in living that way, so we can be used by Him in the best possible way.

We like to think that, as soon as we do the right thing, we should be able to see the payoff as well. That’s not quite how it works. We need to be relentless because we can never really know when our persistent actions of serving others will pay off.]]>