Read: Luke 10:1-11

Today is all about taking action! Imagine if Jesus were to walk into the room you’re in right now and say, “come on, get up, and come with me.”

Where do you picture him taking you first? Maybe it’s someone’s home. If so, whose? Maybe it’s someplace you’ve never been. Where? Why would he take you there?

This week we’d like you to practice “sentness” by crossing two barriers of normal life:

Cross your fence.

Do something to bless or simply converse with one neighbor on your street.

Cross your street.

Do something to connect with someone who is close to your home, but with whom you haven’t built a relationship yet.

Journal/Text Question: How scary is it for you to talk or meet someone new? Scale from “I love it” to “I’m horrified”.

Prayer Starter: Jesus, give me courage to truly love my neighbors like you’ve called us to do.