2 Samuel 5:17-25

Most of us don’t like being told what to do. Often, pride makes us want to rebel. Maybe we think we should know what to do on our own, or we think our way is right. But, willingness to receive instruction could be the open door God uses to bless us and others. Just as God had great plans for David, God has great plans for us. But, is our pride hindering us from stepping into our potential to do something great for God? 2 Samuel 5:19 and 2 Samuel 5:23 say, “David inquired of the Lord.” David involved God in his decisions. He asked God what to do. Does this seem strange to you? Sometimes, we think, “Well, God gave me a brain to use,” or we assume we know best. But, David shows us the benefits of asking God what to do and doing what He says. “David did as the Lord commanded him,” and he was successful in his battles (2 Samuel 5:25). Are there situations in your life you wish you had spent more time praying about? Are there situations you could have avoided if you had committed to prayer and done what God said? The great news is we can start now. We can learn from David’s example. Throughout David’s life, he made mistakes. But every time David inquired of the Lord, God answered and showed him the way. Will you commit to growing in this area of your life? Let’s inquire of the Lord and see all the ways He answers. Then, let’s do what Jesus says, and watch how He works in our situation. Reflect:
  • What is one thing you are asking the Lord to do?
  • What is one area where you need to do what God says?
  • How can you take a step of obedience today to listen to God and do what He says?