Read: Psalm 32:5-7

How do you view confession of sin? For many of us, the idea of confessing where we have sinned may make us a little sick to our stomach. We feel vulnerable, disappointment, and even, in our worst moment, like we have let the Lord down. But what if we began to see confession like David does in Psalm 32? What if, instead of fear, we came to confession like a child coming to the embrace of a good father? Confession is good for us. More than that, confession is necessary for us. To see our perspective on confession shift, we need to remember why confessing our sin is even possible. When Jesus went to the cross, He paid for every sin we would ever commit as our Savior, not just our past sins, but also our present and future. Nothing was left to be paid. Jesus told us that it is finished. When we confess sin, we get the chance to walk in freedom from failure. We are no longer enslaved to sin, but are instead set free. Freedom comes through confession and repentance. Today, let that be true of you.

Questions for Personal Prayer
What keeps you from being honest about your sin to God and others? Why is it important to confess your sins to God regularly in prayer?

Corporate Prayer
Take time to pray for the following needs:
State and National leaders in government
Local elected officials and non-profit organizations in the Tri-State