Read: James 5:13-18

When reading James 5:13-18, you get a sense that James wants us to be people who see prayer as normal, not abnormal in our everyday life. Whether times of suffering or sickness and in times of cheerfulness and joy, we are called to be a people of prayer. The call of James 5 is to pray, praise, and commune with God day by day. Now, why does James see prayer as such a “normal” thing for the people of God? He reminds us of Elijah’s answered prayer as a way to encourage us. When we think of Elijah, we may think of someone incredibly special who was used by God in the Old Testament. James sees Elijah as someone who is just like us. Simply put, he was a man God used. Today, the call for us is to remember that we can come to God confidently in prayer and be a people who pray in every circumstance. Are you in need? Pray. Sick? Pray. Are you in a time of joy? Give praise to God. After all, Elijah was a man like us and the Lord responded to His prayers in ways that even seem crazy to us.

Questions for Personal Prayer
Why do you think James encourages us to respond in prayer no matter what circumstance we find ourselves in? What sin may you need to confess to others and ask them to pray for?

Corporate Prayer
Take time to pray for the following needs:
The leadership and vision of C3 Freedom House and C3 Burg
God to send more laborers into the harvest of ministry in our community