Read: Matthew 6:9

Humans love to talk about the things they love. The company Apple has made a fortune off of this being true. When someone gets a new device, they are quick to tell anyone who will listen. This shows us something unique about who we are as people. We can see that people love to bring glory to the things they love. This truth should be seen in the life of every Christian in the greatest way. When Jesus is teaching on prayer in Matthew 6:9, He is teaching us what the ultimate desire of our life should be: for God to be glorified. When Jesus addressed God as Father, it is a term of intimacy and warmth that He is using to describe what a relationship with the Father looks like. We also see that in response to the Father’s love and care, He desires to see the Father glorified. Today, the same should be the desire in our hearts. In response to the tender love, care, and provision of our Father, we should desire to see his name hallowed, or glorified, in everything we do.

Questions for Personal Prayer
When you examine your heart, what do you see yourself attempting to glorify most in your life? How can you humbly submit yourself to the Lord everyday through your prayer life?

Corporate Prayer
Take time to pray for the following needs:
The upcoming ministry of 2020 for all C3 Churches
Vision and direction for the all C3 leaders and elders