Read: Matthew 6:8

Many of us are familiar with the popular Disney movie Aladdin. One central character in the movie is the Genie. The Genie, if you do not already know, is an over-the-top character that lives in a magical lamp, has incredible power, and can use that power when his owner comes asking for a wish to be granted. Many of us may be tempted to view prayer in a similar way that we see the Genie interact on screen. We may be tempted to think that God is distant and only present with us when called upon. With needs left unstated, does God even see us day by day? Matthew 6:8 shows us just the opposite of that being true. With a remarkable small sentence, Jesus shows us something about the character and nature of God: He is present, aware, and in tune with who we are and what we need. God is not wondering what you need. He is not unaware of your present circumstances. God our Father knows what we need before we ever come to Him. He is a good Father that knows His children better than they know themselves. Today, rest in the comfort of knowing that the God that created the galaxies knows you better than you could possibly understand.

Questions for Personal Prayer
How does the truth of Matthew 6:8 bring you comfort with your current circumstances in life? What do you need to remember about the character of God as you come to Him in prayer today?

Corporate Prayer
Take some time to pray for the following needs for C3:
For C3 to have a heart of thanksgiving for all God has done
That God would make us more aware of His presence in our lives