Read: Matthew 6:10

Deep in our hearts, we have an understanding that the world is not exactly how it was meant to be. Brokenness, pain, injustice, frustration, and heartbreak all attest to the fact that something is wrong. As Christians, we understand that what has gone wrong in the world is sin. Sin has caused brokenness on many levels, but we also have hope in the midst of pain. When man sinned against God, God promised He would restore all that was wrong. Put simply, heaven needed to restore earth. This is exactly what has happened in the coming of Christ. Christ came to restore all that was broken in the fall. As we wait for His return, we know that it is the responsibility of the church (us) to be God’s representatives in the world. As we pray, we pray as people that desire to see the kingdom of heaven invade earth. We pray that God would use us to accomplish His perfect will on earth, just as it is in heaven. Today, pray that God would use His people to be a better reflection on what is happening in heaven right now in this moment.

Questions for Personal Prayer
What in your life is not reflecting the kingdom of heaven? How can you ask for the Lord to use you to accomplish His purposes today?

Corporate Prayer
Take time to pray for the following needs:
Broken marriages to be restored
For God to raise up strong and Godly families throughout our community