Read: Matthew 6:13

Trials and suffering. These are two things that we may never want, but the Bible consistently shows how they can be for our good and cause us to grow in maturity. As much as we may not desire suffering to be part of our experience, when we do go through seasons of suffering, we can see how suffering well is actually good for us in some strange way. We should note that this type of suffering is different from being given into temptation. When Jesus teaches us to pray that God the Father protect us from temptation, He is praying that we would not be given into sin. Regardless of how long we have struggled with a particular sin, Jesus is calling us to pray regularly for protection from it. Do you find yourself struggling with lust, pride, anger, or envy? Pray for protection. Your Father in heaven desires to see you walk in obedience and freedom, not slavery to sin. In fact, God has given you His Spirit to empower you to overcome. Pray for His protection today.

Questions for Personal Prayer
How is sin harmful and why should we seek protection from it? How can prayer help you to repent and fight your sin in moments of temptation?

Corporate Prayer
Take time to pray for the following needs:
For NXT LVL students to make disciples for the next generation
For wisdom and spiritual growth of small group leaders for NXT LVL students