Day 8 | Read: Matthew 16:24

You can know God and never completely surrender your life to Him. Your sins can be forgiven, and you can be on your way to heaven, but you can still be in control.You can add God to your life, but it can still be your life. You can still be in the driver’s seat.

Prayer and fasting is about getting out of the driver’s seat and getting in the passenger seat. To truly surrender means giving God your whole life and discovering the reality, joy, peace, freedom, feelings and experiences that come with truly knowing God. We often believe this is a one-time decision, but it is a practice we must regularly engage in to keep our spiritual fervor.

God is asking you a question, “Will you let me drive? Will you give me complete control? If you want all of me, then I need all of you.” Today will you tell Jesus have His way in your life?

Reflect and Journal: Is there something that you need to surrender to God today? What have you been holding on to that you need to give back to God? During your prayer time today give God the things that you have been holding onto and watch how He moves mountains in your life.

Prayer: Take time to pray for the following needs:
God to restore those who are broken hearted and suffering emotionally
For the Lord to heal those who are facing physical pain and disease.