Acts 2:25-28. I’ve never been a big fan of winter. I dread the dark, cold, hazy days where the air bites a little too sharply through my jacket and summer seems a distant dream. I used to blame the clouds for hiding the sun. And, let’s not forget the trees. If only they would show some sign of life! But look at that winter tree again. Although it looks dead and feels dead, the root is very much alive below the soil. Without a solid root, a firm foundation, the tree is dead. It doesn’t matter what its surroundings are. Even in the dead heat of a glorious summer, the tree would be back to its bare winter form without a lifeline. Like a tree, we are all rooted in something. I’m not talking about your occupation, your relationship status, or where you live. I mean who you are. When seasons come and go, jobs are lost, surroundings change and friends move away, what grounds you? If the answer is anything other than Jesus, you’re headed for disappointment. People and circumstances will always change, leaving us uprooted and looking for more. But when our lives are rooted in Christ, we don’t have to look for people, places or things to make us feel alive. Like the tree in Jeremiah, we won’t fear when the heat comes or a drought is imminent. David knew this to be true. In Psalm 16:8, he writes about being rooted in Christ when he says, “ I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.” Some seasons in life are harder than others. But if you are confident in your foundation, even perceived death will not be your end.]]>