Daniel Week One, Day Four Read Daniel 1:15-17 One of the toughest statements to say is “you’re right.” We’ve all been there. We argue with our spouse, a family member, friend, or coworker and insist we have the right answer. We may even make fun of the other person for the ridiculous position they are holding in the debate. Then it happens. You look up the information on your smartphone or you realize where you went wrong, and you want to run and hide because you realize you’re wrong. While the other person is basking in their victory of being right, you want nothing more than to disappear so you don’t have to let that dreaded phrase, “you’re right,” leave your mouth. But, whether we like it or not, sometimes we have to admit that someone else is right. Even more so, all the times in our live, we need to come to the realization that God is always right. Much to the surprise of the Babylonian officials, those who ate the way that Daniel had prescribed looked healthier and better nourished than those who ate the food they typically fed the young people they had took from their homes. Daniel had stepped up and asked to do things God’s way, and God came through for them in a big way. Daniel had bet his life on the fact that God’s way is the best way. God blessed Daniel and his friends for being faithful to Him with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. This decision early in the book of Daniel sets the tone for what God is going to do in the lives of these four men throughout the rest of the book. The enemy wants us to believe that our mistakes are our identities. We are tempted to get caught up in the world’s pattern of sin and compromise, but Jesus broke that pattern of sin for us by dying on the cross. Because of this, through Him we have the power to change our lives by changing our patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Like Daniel and his friends, if we determine to live life God’s way, God will bless us. That doesn’t mean we will never experience challenging moments. Like Daniel, we will face those gut check moments that show what we have already decided about God and our lives. But, if we determine to stand firm in our commitment to Christ, there’s no stopping what God might do through us. REFLECT: Have you ever compromised a conviction you held? How did you feel after? What made you compromise? PRAY: In your prayer time today, commit to standing firm in your faith for God. Ask God to give you the strength to rely on Him in the face of opposition. // TWO-A-DAYS // GO A LITTLE FARTHER WITH YOUR DAILY DEVOTIONS // Go through these questions with your spouse, kids, or friend, or you can even journal about the answers to these questions:

  1. What was the best part of your day?
  2. What was the toughest part of your day?
  3. Where did you mess up today?
  4. Where did you see God today?
READ THROUGH THE NEW TESTAMENT: Today’s Reading: Luke 7]]>