Read Revelation 2:17 & Isaiah 62:2

In today’s culture, we don’t put too much stock in the meaning of names. Expecting parents fret over how they sound or how they’ll go together. We even consider what the name sounds like, so the future child can survive middle school. But, we don’t really think of what a name really means like they did in the Bible. Names were given that had a purpose and meaning. In fact, God often assigned or changed the names of people to reflect a person’s character.

The Bible says that God will give us a new name. He will give us a new identity. In fact, the name and identity God gives us is the only one that really matters. However, most of us allow what other people say about us to define how we feel about ourselves.

Instead of allowing other people or even the dark voices in our head to define us, why don’t we start listening to what God says about us? God has a new name and new identity for you that is far better than what we allow into our lives. Who are you going to listen to, other people or the God who made you?


Today’s Reading: 1 Corinthians 11]]>